Our Story

Khorak Supermarket originally started in 1989 as a 1500 square foot convenience store.

Owned & operated by Mina & Moe since day 1, the store has gone through many transitional and cosmetic changes. In 2004, their son- Sam joined his parents to help out with the initial store expansion.
Since the very beginning, their main goal has been to deliver only the best quality in both, products and customer service. By setting our standards high for food quality, it has become normal practice to not only meet, but to go beyond all our customers’ expectations and needs.
Our primary focus to upkeep our high standards of food products & services has evolved over the years and we pride ourselves to have become the customer’s #1 choice when it comes to Canada’s Middle-Eastern supermarkets. We believe that our success is founded on honesty, reliability, responsibility and the passion for what we do.

our story

We treat our clients as if they were family and friends, and we think that, just like our friends and family, they deserve only the best.

We take responsibility in what we do and we understand that making a customer happy and a business to flourish starts way before getting to the counter. This is why we trade only fair sourced products and we support local and abroad communities, environment and animal welfare initiatives. Just in 2016 and 2017, we raised and donated over $25,000 for the Iranian orphanages and also for the earthquake survivors.
Finally, we believe that what we do is the true representation of who we are and the fact that our store lights have remained on since 1989 is the best recognition of our efforts.

Almost 30 years later, with over 70 employees, we are still honoured to bring Middle-Eastern traditional and modern cuisine to Toronto, perfectly integrating its flavours in the charming diversity of our home, Canada.

We thank you, our dear customers for your continued support. We thrive in making each and every experience you have at Khorak Supermarket, a memorable one.



Deliciousness in a bite

Deliciousness in a bite

From exclusive Iranian breads like Mashadi, Tufton and Sangak to Italian style sandwich breads, from fancy French croissants to traditional Persian cookies and cakes, we bring a world of flavour under one roof.

Baking masters and pastry artisans use their skills in making some of the best traditional bakery goods in Toronto.

We are here to help you make any day an event and also turn all your events into days to remember.

Our master bakers and confectionaries will handcraft the finest breads and pastries so you can offer your guests a true gourmet experience.

Just give us a call or pop by the counter for a special custom order!


The superlative of freshness

The superlative of freshness

Explore your greener side with the freshest range of groceries from Khorak Supermarket.

We offer you vegetables, fruit, spices and everything else you need for a delicious feast. From premium quality middle-eastern foods to the best locally-sourced produce, you have everything it takes to brighten up your meals. Roasted with meat-based dishes, conserved and ready-to-use in traditional recipes or fresh and crunchy in salads, all our vegetables will be enjoyed even by the fussiest of family and friends.

Interested in a new fruit cake recipe or in quenching your thirst with some vitamin-packed fruit juice?

Discover our range of tropical or seasonal fruits and pick from dozens of flavours, colours and textures. Your taste buds deserve this pampering.

So, if you want to explore your greener side, start by paying us a visit – everything you want under one roof!

Butcher Shop

Excite the meat-enthusiasts

Excite the meat-enthusiasts

The best cuts of halal meat, always fresh and tasty, prepared by expert butchers – that’s what to expect from Khorak’s Butcher’s shop.

From fresh beef, lamb, veal, poultry and fish to marinated BBQ and ready-to-cook meats, you can rest assured your meals will be champions with everyone.

Planning a BBQ or totally undecided about what to serve your family tonight?

Our multi-lingual team of artisanal butchers will help you make the right choice, offering you plenty of options and even personalised cooking tips. For total peace of mind and 100% customer satisfaction, we cut, weigh and package everything in front of your eyes.

Because we believe a great meat-based meal starts from a perfect cut and we are here to make sure you get that and more.

Catering Services

Love from the very first bite

Love from the very first bite

Turning food concepts into delicious meals is what we do best.

Our speciality? Iranian foods, in traditional recipes or with a twist, ready to satisfy the hunger and the curiosity of even the pickiest of clients. Once a week or every day, dare to leave the cooking to us – the results will surprise you and your family in the most delicious ways.

Our secret? Our chefs. They are experts in both Middle-Eastern and Canadian cuisine, which makes them able to accommodate the largest range of culinary needs.

More than that, they believe in healthy eating habits and love to explore all the cooking options needed to accommodate everyone’s preferences. From dietetic alternatives to raw dishes, you can find everything you and your family need in order to enjoy a deliciously nutritious and healthy meal.

Freshly-cooked and served with love – that’s our way to make your life easy.
Your go-to personal chef

Your go-to personal chef

With over 15 years catering experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Khorak is a leading catering service provider in Toronto.

Corporate Catering

Small or large, each event is unique and we can help you show that. Menus to please everyone, on any corporate occasion, from buffet-style lunches to fancy dinner parties. Our chefs are happy to assist you in designing the most elaborate crowd-pleasing menus, making sure the individual needs of all your guests are perfectly attended to.

Count on us if you hope for an event to remember and keep in mind that making impressions that last starts with us. Khorak Supermarket – from business to business, with love.

Corporate Catering
Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

They say love begins in stomach and that should be no exception on your wedding day. Show your guests how highly you consider them by serving the best food available. We can help personalise each menu, making sure everyone’s needs and particularities are counted for. Magazine looks, ravishing flavours and best customer service – that’s what you need and we are happy to provide.

Gourmet food and perfect service for the best value – the quickest way to make your event count.

Great news: We can also offer boxed lunches. Select from a huge variety of food options to please everyone’s tastes. Delivered freshly, in a smart packaging, this is the fastest way to enjoy a proper lunch. Dig in and dare to come for more.

Koobideh with Rice

10-300 portions

Jujeh Breast with rice

10-300 portions

Vaziri with Rice

10-50 portions

Soltani with Rice

10-150 portions

Gheimeh Stew

10-30 portions

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

10-30 portions

Bamieh Stew

10-20 portions

Shireen Polo

10-100 portions


10-300 portions

Ghalie Mahi with Rice

10-100 portions

Dill Rice

10-100 portions

Loubia Polo

10-100 portions

White Rice

10-300 portions

Eggplant Stew

10-30 portions